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Coffee, Poetry & Wolves

In the forest of the wolves, the Full Moon invites us to howl poetry, to circle and unite all in one!

The temple welcomes us!


You are invited to join us, to bring your poetry and release your voice.

The fire and a tasty meal accompany us!


An evening of singing and poetry, improvised in the moment or dusty from being for so long in the drawer... meeting under the full moon with poetry and our voice, celebrating the frequencies of other voices with the main purpose of harmonizing us through the voice that is released in this artistic and spiritual research.

With the presence of Katia Leonardo.
Katia is a singer, songwriter and voice coach, currently living in Portugal, where she developed the Mystic Vocal Lab - a California-born workshop designed to help people unlock their voices through breathing techniques as well as resonance and articulation, combined with ancestral musical philosophies that help to know the vocal characteristics and to enhance them.



Vegetarian snacks



Contribution: 15 €

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