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Yoga & Diving Course

Diving is born of man's desire to explore the underwater world. Although our planet consists of more than 70% of water, for a man it is still an unknown habitat. During the course, you will dive along the Arrábida Coast, in the Marine Park Prof. Luís Saldanha, where the sea, tranquil throughout the year and full of biodiversity, makes Sesimbra the most sought-after spot in Portugal Continental. Our Open Water Scuba Diver course is structured to provide the fundamental concepts, skills, and knowledge to conduct your dives safely. It is a life-long and internationally recognized certification. Regular Yoga practice allows the body to become stronger, more resilient and flexible, improves balance, posture and the immune system among many other benefits. Through this practice, you will learn to reconnect. In the stillness of each posture, you will have the opportunity to be in the moment, to face your limits and to learn how you can overcome, helping to keep the mind concentrated in the present moment and to respond with control. We believe, the combination of the two activities will give you a unique and enriching experience of the connection between mind, body, and spirit. We invite you to dive into your interior through a perfect symbiosis between you and nature. Allow yourself to enjoy and flow from the silence while being with yourself, feeling the pulsar of the Earth and what she offers you. Here you will feel that everything has its rhythm!





5 delicious healthy dinners

5 tasty lunches

6 delicious breakfasts

One Diving Course with 4 days of

Diving lessons


Includes the wetsuit, all material, transportation, insurance

Diving Course

Yoga Lessons & Meditation

6 Morning Hatha Yoga Classes

Our classes are 75 minutes

From Tuesday to Sunday


5 Evening Meditation Classes or Free Intuitive Dance Meditation

Our classes are 60 minutes

From Tuesday to Saturday


6 night accommodation

(available Dorm, Double Shared Room with Shared Bathroom or Double Shared Room with Private Bathroom)

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