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our philosophy

There is an innate orchestra that pulsates, echoing remote stories about us beyond what we perceive immediately, wrapped in the hustle and bustle of the "doings" of each day. It was from this desire of listening and connecting with these melodies and rhythms of nature that the seed for this project was sown.

The Casa do Páteo is a tribute to nature, to the flow of existence, and to the heart beat of mother earth. Our house welcomes generously, as individuals and as a collective.



Mafalda is the owner and the heart and soul of Casa do Pateo and this is a little about the woman who planted the seed that grew into this amazing sanctuary.

I'm an explorer, a curious about life with a constant thirst to grow. I am happiest when I’m bouncing barefoot, with the taste of adventure and with eyes looking for discovery!

From the moment I felt the call to help my neighbor, I became involved in the hard realities of a world as noble as it is challenging, and I have tried to be of service.  I became a firefighter and paramedic.  During this time I saw how the life can be ephemeral and it inspired me to live well.Travelling is a passion for me.  In 2014 I decided to take a sabbatical period from work and take some time just for me.  

In this year I travelled the world and I have met many wonderful and learned from them, even in the silences of shared ignorance.  I lived through situations that contributed to discovering me in relation to living on this wonderful planet.

At the beginning of 2016 I felt the urge to return home but it was not for the home with four walls, it was the home inside me.  From this return was born the desire to create a project with deep roots and at the same time inspire me with movement and freedom.  The guesthouse has brought me all of this and I smile when the breeze kisses my face, when I feel embraced by these winds and when I feel the freedom to dance in the woods.  From here is born this connection with the Earth that I want to share with everyone who visits us here.


our home

Our country house, with 10.000m2, is surrounded by pine forest and a garden that sings a hymn to the art of mother nature. A project for everyone, created with great pleasure and commitment in the alchemical marriage of the elements and

listening to the random song of the cicadas, the busy and indifferent journeys of the ants, the carefree flight of the birds, the confident pace of Ashkandi (our canine companion) and the wandering of our cats around the fascinating trails, that always send us back home at any time and place.


our facilities

Casa do Páteo offers free Wi-Fi and a sunbathing patio with an outdoor pool where you can enjoy the silence, a good book, the company of friends and family, the shade of the fruit trees and the

fresh fruits of the season, which also whisper stories with their flavour: the apples of Eve, the grapes of Dionysus and the diospiros which may well be the metaphor for "divine food."


the food

With a request in advance, Casa do Páteo can prepare a picnic basket with the best homemade and regional delicacies for you. Breakfast does not include products of animal origin, except for some household products, pastries, cheeses, goat's

milk or eggs, produced locally in a way that respects the environment and the welfare of the animals. We will be happy to arrange breakfast alternatives, if you request in advance.


the dome

From the pool a path winds its way through the small orchard and while you are drinking in the smells of oranges and lemons you look up to see the dome. This is a purpose built geodesic dome raised on wooden pillars above the ground and somehow nestled in between the trees and looking perfectly at home.

It is what makes this venue stand out from similar retreats.  It comfortably holds up to 25 participants at a time, but it is removed from the home and surrounded by nature, making it perfect for so many classes.  It really should look out of place, but it has the look of something that was raised by magic to be used by a council of elves or a meeting of wizards.


the environment

In this space we value the concept of sustainable tourism and seek to encourage environmental awareness. We reduced the consumption of energy resources, we use solar panels for heating the house and water, the decoration is based on the reuse of materials, and our shade system and natural ventilation avoids the use of air conditioning.

We separate and recycle our garbage, and we encourage our guests to adopt the same attitude.

We try not to consume more than necessary, and all the hygiene products are supplied in manual dispensers, ecological and not tested on animals. Soon we will start working with products produced in our place

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