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Yoga is not a mere physical exercise but rather a philosophy or practical life science, which originated in India 5000 years ago. The word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj", which means to unite. We can consider yoga as a way of union between the microcosm (Man) and the macrocosm (God) or between the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness and also the integration of the body, mind and spirit.

Hatha Yoga is usually the best known practice in the West and consists of performing physical postures (Asanas) and breathing techniques (Pranayama) in preparation for meditation. Respecting the limits of the body and seeking to achieve relaxation, a regular practice of Hatha Yoga brings innumerable physical, emotional and mental benefits. It allows the body to become stronger, more resistant and flexible, improves balance and posture, improves the immune system and circulation, promotes slower and deeper breathing with better oxygenation, promotes weight loss, unconscious tension release and relaxation of the nervous system with reduction of stress, among others. Yoga promotes psychological health and leads to self-knowledge and healthier habits.

Through this millenarian practice, we will learn to reconnect with breathing and gain greater awareness.
In the stillness of each posture we will have the opportunity to be in the moment, to face our limits and to learn that we can overcome ourselves and in this silence, to begin to listen to our deepest voice and to understand that the light comes from within ...

This practice is for everyone. Just bring comfortable clothing and a desire to have a more integrated and healthy lifestyle.
Sessions are inspired by the Sivananda school, following a base sequence of relaxation (Savasana), breathing techniques (Pranayama), salutation to the sun (Surya Namaskar) physical postures (Asanas) and final relaxation.

Avoid eating 2-3 hours before the session;
Bring comfortable, preferably cotton, wide / elastic clothing;
For the sake of hygiene whenever possible use your own rug;
Remove ear rings and other accessories and do not use strong perfumes;
Do not shower in the 30 minutes immediately following the session;
Remove shoes at the entrance.


Feeling the benefits and well-being that this lifestyle provides, I wanted to delve more into this knowledge and did training in India at Vrindavan by TTC (Teachers Training Course) and Rishikesh: the cradle of yoga at the foot of the Himalayas.

Since English is my native language, I have been teaching Portuguese and English regularly since 2009. I participate in festivals and lectures / workshops and I am delighted to be able to share this life science!

Jan (Brahmani)Teacher of Sivananda Yoga


I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and I am also a trainer, singer, vocal explorer and eternal apprentice ...Intuitively, I have always incorporated this practical philosophy of life, having chosen to be a vegetarian at the age of 16 and later following the course of yoga naturally, I have incorporated the appropriate exercise (Asanas); Proper breathing (Pranayama); Adequate relaxation (Savasana); Positive thinking & meditation (Vedanta & Dhyana) in my daily life.

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